Wyoming Wildlife - The Rodents!

Members of the order Rodentia are characterized by having a pair of continuously growing incisors on the upper and lower jaws. The teeth of these mammals must be worn down by constant gnawing to keep them from growing in a disfiguring and potentially lethal manner. Wyoming rodents are an extremely diverse group and range from the terrestrial little Silky Pocket Mouse (5-10 grams), to a medium sized aerial Northern Flying Squirrel (105-170 grams), to the large, web-footed and water loving American Beaver (11-35 kilograms). There are 51 species of rodents in Wyoming.

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Common Porcupine

Common Porcupine Video Clip

American Beaver

American Beaver Video Clip


Muskrat Video Clip

Yellow-bellied Marmot

Yellow-bellied Marmot Video Clip

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Black-tailed Prairie Dog Video Clip

White-tailed Prairie Dog

White-tailed Prairie Dog Video Clip

Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel

Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel Video Clip

Golden-mantle Ground Squirrel

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel Video Clip

Uinta Ground Squirrel

Uinta Ground Squirrel Video Clip

Wyoming Ground Squirrel

Wyoming Ground Squirrel Video Clip

Eastern Fox Squirrel

Eastern Fox Squirrel Video Clip

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel Video Clip

Least Chipmunk

Least Chipmunk Video Clip

Uinta Chipmunk

Uinta Chipmunk Video Clip

Cliff Chipmunk

Cliff Chipmunk Video Clip

Yellow-pine Chipmunk

Yellow-pine Chipmunk Video Clip

Deer Mouse

Deer Mouse Video Clip

Meadow Vole

Meadow Vole Video Clip

House Mouse

House Mouse Video Clip