Wind River: The Canyon to the Wedding of the Waters


GRADIENT - 30 ft/mile

LENGTH - 12 miles

FLOAT TIME - 3 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS - Riverton, Thermopolis

PUT IN - Lower Wind River Campground

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT -Wedding of the Waters

Wood River

USGS Gage Station CFS near below Boysen.

Wood River




Floating the canyon is limited to commercial outfitters licensed by the Indian Reservation! This section remains in the Online version of the river guide for historical purposes only. It is illegal to float within the reservation!



At one time permits for floating the Wind River through the canyon were issued for the months of August and September and could be purchased from the Reservation Fish and Game Department at Fort Washakie (307-332-7207). The fee for the permit was $40.00 a day or $100.00 for both months for each floater. Fishing privileges were NOT included with the permit! The flows in the canyon are regulated by Boysen Dam and are usually around 1000 cfs during this period.

The put-in would have been just below Boysen Dam at either the Upper or Lower Wind River Campground. Just downstream from the campground was a half mile Class III run with plenty of rocks. Following a short stretch of flatwater was a 100 yard piece with two drops in it. Both of these areas can still be viewed from mile marker #116 and #117.

The next five miles was mostly flatwater. From mile #122 to Windy Point at mile #124 were some Class II rapids with two small holes. The next two miles below contained Class II rapids mixed with four short Class III drops. Then, just after coming around a bend where the end of the canyon comes into view, there was a half mile run of solid Class III with two good sized holes. This area can still be viewed from two turnouts at mile #126. The take-out would have been at mile #127 where the Wind River changes names to the Bighorn River.