Sweetwater River: Lower section to Pathfinder Reservoir


GRADIENT - 6 ft/mile

LENGTH - 65 miles

FLOAT TIME - 2 days

BLM QUAD MAPS - Rattlesnake Hills, Bairoil

PUT IN - Ore Road Bridge north of Jeffery City

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - Independence Rock

Sweetwater River

USGS Gage Station CFS near Alcova.

Sweetwater River


Just downstream from the put-in on the Ore Road north of Jeffery City, the Sweetwater runs through a small gap with a short portage around a diversion dam. Below here the river follows along a large rock ridge on the north (part of the Granite Mountains). About one hour from the first portage is a small bridge and you begin traveling across Soda Lake Flats. One hour from the old bridge is another diversion dam which you can drag around. You go by Jammerman Rock after about three more hours, and just below is the Agate Flat Bridge (accessed by turning off US-287 at mile #16).

Below here the river turns south through another beautiful gap where there is a second portage around a small diversion dam. . You have one more small bridge before the landing and diversion dam at US-287 mile #11. It's about a ten hour trip from the Ore Road to this state land access.

Below US-287, you follow along the ridge on the north for about two hours to a diversion dam at the base of Split Rock. Downstream a bit is an old pipeline and you go beneath a small bridge where you begin traveling across a small basin. Two hours later, you enter a short canyon with a portage around another diversion dam.

After meandering across the basin for about three hours, you go under a small bridge and begin following along the ridge again. Three hours below is another bridge near the entrance to the Devil's Gate. This gap contains a diversion dam with an awkward portage. You then have a two hour float to the landing at Independence Rock (W-220 Bridge at mile #63). Float time from US-287 is about 15 hours.