Snake River: The Canyon


GRADIENT - 25 ft/mile

LENGTH - 8 miles

FLOAT TIME - 2 hours


PUT IN - West Table

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - Sheep Gulch

Snake River

Gage Station CFS above Palisades Reservoir.

Snake River


The Snake River through the canyon is one of the most publicized rivers in Wyoming and, as a result, it is often congested with floaters. There are numerous commercial trips available from outfitters in the Jackson Hole area. Most boaters prefer to float the canyon in the late afternoon and early evening to avoid the crowds. The eight miles or so of the whitewater section through Snake River Canyon begins by putting in at either the East or West Table Creek Landings (mile #129). There is a good map and other river information located West Table. Call 307-733-5452 for current flow information

In general the runs below West Table are as follows:

Views of a couple of these rapids can be seen from overlooks on US-89 at: mile #128 to #127 ("S" turns and Cutbank #1 and #2), mile #124 (Lunch Counter and the Rope), mile #122 (Cottonwood). The take-out is two miles above the Narrows at the Sheep Gulch Boat Ramp at mile #121.

Photo Caption (image not shown): Olaf Koehler surfs Lunch Counter in Snake River Canyon. Most boaters float in the evening when the commercial trips are over.