Snake River: Moose to Wilson Bridge and above Snake River Canyon


GRADIENT - 12 ft/mile

LENGTH - 50 miles

FLOAT TIME - 9 to 10 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS - Jackson Lake, Jackson

PUT IN - Moose

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - West Table on US-26

Snake River

USGS Gage Station CFS at Moose.

Snake River


The 15 mile stretch from Moose to Wilson is Class II with snags, logjams, and the river is continually breaking up into smaller channels. Five miles from Moose is the Teton National Park Boundary and the river begins traveling between flood control dikes. Five miles further down is the confluence with the Gros Ventre River and you travel past the base of West Gros Ventre Butte to the Wilson Bridge Landing. Access is reached by turning off W-390, 100 yards from its junction with W-22. Float time is three hours.

Beginning at the Wilson Bridge Landing, the Snake continues south through areas of fragmented channels, snags, and logjams with a Class II rating. Thirteen miles downstream you go under the highway bridge to a landing at the confluence with Flat Creek. Access is reached by turning off US-89 at mile #146. Float time is two hours.

Below the Flat Creek Landing, the Snake narrows to a single channel and begins flowing through a small canyon. Although there are few obstacles to watch for, this section of the Snake is still Class II due to its swift current, occasional small waves, and strong eddies. Five miles from Flat Creek is the second highway bridge and the confluence with the Hoback River. Three miles further is the bridge at Astoria Springs and another mile downstream is a landing near Prichard Creek (access is at US-89 mile #137).

The Snake continues south six more miles to the Elbow where it turns west through Snake River Canyon. You need to take out at either East Table Creek or West Table Creek unless you plan to float the canyon. Float time from Flat Creek to the Elbow is three hours.