North Platte River: Interstate-80 to Seminoe Reservoir


GRADIENT - 4 ft/mile

LENGTH - 25 miles

FLOAT TIME - 5 to 6 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS - Medicine Bow, Rawlins

PUT IN - county road south of Fort Steele

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - just above Seminoe Reservoir

North Platte River

USGS Gage Station CFS near Sinclair.

North Platte River


Beginning at The Hogback Landing area (reached by taking I-80 exit #228 and then turning south on the River Access Road), you have a two mile float to the I-80 Bridge and Fort Steele Rest Stop. Downstream a bit, you pass by part of the Fort Steele Historical Site and go under a railroad bridge to a small landing. This landing is two miles north of I-80 on county road #347.

From the historical site, the river swings northwest and you begin following along the base of the Fort Steele Breaks. After about two hours, you go by Rattlesnake Butte (on river left) to a landing at the Sinclair Park. This landing is reached by taking the Seminoe Reservoir Road north of Sinclair for one mile where the park road turns northeast for five miles.

Below the park you pass by Sugar Creek and the river swings back to the north. About four miles further downstream is the Dugway Landing where the river begins traveling through a cut between the Fort Steele Breaks and the Haystack Mountains. This landing is reached by taking the Seminoe Reservoir Road north from Sinclair for eight miles. The river continues to pass through the cut for another two miles to another good landing site. If you don't take out here, the river continues north along the road for another mile and then turns east along Cedar Ridge for about five miles to Seminoe Reservoir. Then, depending on your choice of take-outs, you have five to ten miles of paddling on the lake. Float time from the landings just above I-80 to the Dugway is about five hours.