North Platte River: Alcova to Casper


GRADIENT - 2 ft/mile

LENGTH - 45 miles

FLOAT TIME - 9 hours


PUT IN - Gray Reef Reservoir below Alcova

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - Morad Park in Casper

North Platte River

USGS Gage Station CFS at Orin.

Bear River Map


This section down to Casper travels through a semi-arid region which is composed primarily of short grasses and large bluffs.There is a good landing and parking area at the Gray Reef Dam, about one mile east of Alcova on county road #412. About three hours downstream is another landing at Lusby Bend (reached by turning off W-220 at mile #92). Below here you have another two hour float to the landing at Government Bridge (W-220, mile #94).

From Government Bridge, the river continues north (past a couple of BLM landings off county road #316) until you reach the gray bluffs below Clarkson Hill. Here the river swings northeast and you begin following along the highway. Two hours from Government Bridge, and just below the first county bridge, is a Game and Fish landing which is reached by turning off W-220 at mile #100. Below here the river enters the cut between Bessemer and Coal Mountain and about one hour downstream is the Bessemer Bend Landing on county road #308.

Below Bessemer Bend, the river enters a Bald Eagle area and then begins traveling through the outskirts of Casper. Its a two hour float to the Robertson Road Bridge and another hour to the landing at Morad Park (near the junction of W-220 and W-258). Float time from Gray Reef to Morad Park is about nine hours. It takes about three more hours if you choose to float through Casper to Edness Kimball Wilkins Park on the east side of town. Also be advised that there is a short portage around a small diversion between the Refinery Bridge and the Poplar Street Bridge.