New Fork River: Boulder Creek to the Green River Confluence


GRADIENT - 8 ft/mile

LENGTH - 20 to 30 miles

FLOAT TIME - 6 to 9 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS - Pinedale

PUT IN - New Fork Bridge at Boulder

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - BLM campground at the W-351 Bridge

New Fork River

USGS Gage Station CFS near Cora.

New Fork River


The New Fork River begins in the Bridger National Forest and flows south past Pinedale and Boulder to the confluence with the Green River near Big Piney. The upper section, from the New Fork Lakes down to Pinedale, is narrow and rarely floatable due to low water flows and is a hit or miss situation. (Access is off W-352 or county road #23-144 north of Pinedale.) The best section is south of Pinedale.

There is a landing that can be reached by turning off US-191 (mile #93) and taking the Airport School Section Access Road around the runway. The problem with this site is a long drag over to the river. The best landing is at Boulder (off US-191 at mile #88) where a county road crosses the New Fork just above the confluence with Boulder Creek. (However, rafters are recommended to put in further down due to the broken channels below here. See access information below.)

Beginning at the landing and upstream from Boulder Creek, the New Fork is a beautiful Class I river. It travels past dense stands of cottonwoods and you have a terrific view of the Wind River Mountains to the east. About an hour downstream you pass by an osprey nest and go under a power line to a branch in the river. Take the left fork.

The river below this point breaks up into many small channels. There are sharp turns, overhanging bushes, and at least one fence through this Class II area. The channels gradually join back together and you come to the confluence with the East Fork River near a long cut bank. Just below the confluence is a small landing. Access is reached by turning off US-191 at mile #83 and taking county road #23-106 one mile to the southwest. Here a two-track road leads down to the river. Downstream from this landing, and after getting a glimpse of the Wyoming Range to the far west, is a triple fork. Once again take the left branch.

About thirty minutes down from the second fork in the river is another small landing. Access is reached off county road #23-106. Five miles from the highway you take a small road along a fence line, to some storage tanks. The main county road continues along the river for another six miles and hits W-351, one mile east of the campground landing.

One hour below the storage tanks, you go under an old wooden bridge to the BLM campground landing at the W-351 Bridge (mile #13). If you continue on the New Fork, the river runs south for a bit and then swings southwest along the base of Ross Butte. Five miles from the BLM landing is the take-out at Olson Bridge. This point may be reached off W-351 at mile #8, where you take road #23-175 south for one mile. If you don't take out here, it's five more miles to the confluence with the Green River and then 12 miles to the next landing.

Photo Caption (image not shown): The New Fork River above the confluence with the Green River.