Hoback River: Upper and Lower Hoback Canyon Sections


GRADIENT - 22 ft/mile

LENGTH - 18 miles

FLOAT TIME - 3 hours


PUT IN - National Forest above Granite Creek

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - Hoback Junction

Hoback River

Gage Station CFS Best guess of relative flows.

Hoback River


The Hoback River begins in the Bridger National Forest and flows northeast to US-189 and then northwest along the highway toward Hoback Junction and the Snake River. There is a short run in the Upper Hoback Canyon, but this section has a shorter runoff period and contains lots of downed timber. Access is reached by turning off US-191 south of Bondurant and following along the river to the end of the dirt road.

The main canyon lies north of Bondurant and after entering the national forest at mile #148. Here the river picks up a bit of speed and rates a Class II for the next four miles. There are several access points along here, but the last one before entering the lower canyon is at the Granite Creek Confluence (mile #152).

The Hoback River below Granite Creek is a mixed stretch of Class II and III runs. The first section, down to the Stinking Springs Bridge (mile #158), takes about an hour to run. It's composed primarily of short stretchs of rock gardens, a couple of "S" turns, and some small standing waves. The best piece is just below the Granite Creek Landing at Bull Creek, with easier runs below the next highway bridge (mile #154) near Bear Creek and just above Stinking Springs.

The river from Stinking Springs down to Hoback Junction is composed primarily of "S" turns and a couple of small drops. About ten minutes down from Stinking Springs, you go under a private bridge and hit a few small standing waves. The river then slows down and you go past a few ranches and under three more bridges.

Downstream from the last bridge, and as you swing near the highway again, the river goes through a "S" turn and over a small drop called Sherry's Ledge (one to two feet high depending on water flows). Below here the river winds around through some "S" turn standing waves and small restrictions with pools below them. The bridge take-out is just before the Hoback joins the Snake River at Hoback Junction. Float time for this stretch is a little over one hour.