Green River: Green River Lakes to Warren Bridge

CLASS - I and II (III)

GRADIENT - 10 ft/mile

LENGTH - 50 miles

FLOAT TIME - 24 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS - Gannett Peak, Jackson

PUT IN - Green River Lake north of Pinedale

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - Warren Bridge west of Pinedale

Green River

USGS Gage Station CFS at Warren Bridge.

Green River


This section of the Green River begins in a beautiful mountain valley below the outlet of Lower Green River Lake. The river travels north for a bit and then makes a long sweeping bend around to the south and the national forest boundary. Access is excellent and is reached by turning off US-191 at mile #106. Here W-352 heads north past Cora (four miles) and the New Fork Lake Road (ten more miles). At mile #25, the pavement ends and you begin following along the river through the national forest. Twenty miles further is the end of the road at the Green River Lakes Campground. The best point to put in up here is about a half-mile downstream near a pole fence.

Just down from the campground, the river gently meanders along like liquid glass. You slowly begin swinging west and after about four miles Roaring Fork Creek comes cascading down on the right. Downstream a half-mile is a small landing which should serve as a take-out for beginners. The next stretch is Class II with a couple of short Class III runs. You can view part of the upper Class III from a small turn out, a half-mile upstream from the Moose Creek Road.

You enter the upper Class III as the river passes through a small restriction and tumbles down through a small "S" turn. You then have a stretch of fast water flowing through a small rock garden that rates a Class II. The river makes another "S" turn past some larger rocks in a short Class III run and then returns to Class II. Three miles from the Moose Creek Road landing is the next landing at Big Bend.

Below Big Bend the river returns to a peaceful Class I and quietly meanders through willow thickets. About two miles downstream is a steep cut bank, a long loop, and another steep cut bank. On the bench above this loop is Dollar Lake. Five miles from Dollar Lake is where Kendell Warm Springs Creek flows over the left bank. Here the river picks up a little speed and flows through a small rock garden in another Class II section. This stretch runs past the Union Pass Road (two miles) to just below the Whiskey Grove Campground (one more mile). From Whiskey Grove to the landing at the forest boundary, the water is slow and easy again. Float time from the lakes is eight to ten hours depending on whether or not you float the Class II/III stretch.

From the landing at the end of W-352, the river meanders considerably and is quite slow. About 15 miles downstream, and after passing through a long loop, you begin to swing around the base of Black Butte (on the left). Down about four more miles is the upper landing on the BLM road. Float time to this take out is nine hours.

From the upper landing on the BLM road, the river picks up a little speed and flows through a small rocky area rating a short and easy Class II. You then have about six miles of Class I as the river travels through a small valley. The last three miles down to Warren Bridge is another section of easy Class II. Float time for this little stretch is four hours. You can canoe down from the forest boundary in one long day, but rafters should plan on an overnight stay along the way.

Photo Caption (image not shown): John Davis in the quite water section below Green River Lakes. Squaretop Mountain is in the background.