Green River: Warren Bridge to Trapper's Point


GRADIENT - 17 ft/mile

LENGTH - 30 miles

FLOAT TIME - 8 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS -Jackson, Afton, Pinedale

PUT IN - Warren Bridge west of Pinedale

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT -Trapper's Point southwest of Pinedale

Green River

USGS Gage Station CFS at Warren Bridge.

Green River


Beginning at the Warren Bridge Landing (US-191, mile #120), the river flows south through the Forty Rod Flats. In this area you can see the Wind River Range to the east, the Gros Ventre Range to the north, and the Wyoming Range to the west. This easy Class II stretch travels through occasional rocky areas and has a few snags, channel choices, and small (usually floatable) diversion dams to watch for.

After three small dams and one bridge, you begin floating past a section of fishing access points (no landings however). About one hour from the put-in is a sharp "S" turn and the river begins breaking up into several small channels. About one hour further is the Daniel Hatchery Landing. This landing is reached by turning off US-191 at mile #114 and taking the dirt road past the fish hatchery.

From the hatchery landing, you continue south for another hour where the river turns east along a ridge. Downstream a few more miles, you pass by the old Fort Bonneville site (not visible from the river) and you come to a landing at the W-354 Bridge (mile #1).

Two miles from W-354 is the US-189 Bridge and the river once again breaks up into several channels as it meanders across the open valley. After about two miles, you come to the confluence with Horse Creek and go under a small bridge. The river continues east for a bit and then swings south along the base of The Mesa to another bridge (county #179). South of here you go under a power line and by a cut bank to Trapper Landing. This landing is reached by turning off US-191 at mile #106 and taking road #110 south for four miles. Float time from Warren Bridge is about eight hours.