Green River: Fontenelle Reservoir to Green River


GRADIENT 3 ft/mile

LENGTH - 65 miles

FLOAT TIME - 16 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS -Fontenelle, Kemmerer, Rock Springs

PUT IN - Fontenelle Dam

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT -Green River or Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Green River

USGS Gage Station CFS below Fontenelle.

Green River


The best put-in for this section of the Green River is about three miles down from Fontenelle Dam. This landing is reached by turning off W-372 (mile #40) at Fontenelle and taking county road #311 one mile east. From the bridge landing, the river travels through a broad floodplain for about an hour and then swings by the base of McCullen Bluffs, entering the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge. A couple of miles further downstream is a small landing that can be reached by turning off W-372 at mile #35.

The river meanders around for about four or five miles and then passes by a steep cut bank in Horseshoe Bend. Just below the bend are some landings that can be reached by turning off W-372 (mile #30) and going past the Game and Fish Hay Farm. One hour below the Hay Farm Landings is a small island. Here you need to take the left channel because the right fork ends at a diversion dam. You continue to travel through the refuge for another five miles to the W-28 Bridge Landing. Float time from Fontenelle to W-28 is five hours.

Below W-28, the river continues to travel through the refuge and you get occasional glimpses of Pilot Butte to the southeast. One hour downstream is the confluence with the Big Sandy River. Just below is Eight-mile Wash and Freezeout Island. Here the river begins running by the Badland Hills to Telephone Island (six miles) and the bridge landing above Big Island. This landing is reached by turning off W-372 at mile #17.

After going by Big Island, there is another bridge (county #6 off W-372 at mile #12) and you loop around a chemical plant. About three or four miles from the plant is the Pioneer Trails Landing across from Monument Hill. This landing is reached by turning off W-372 at mile #10 and taking county road #68 down to the park. Float time from W-28 is five hours.

From Monument Hill, the river follows along a broken ridge for a bit and makes a large loop around Mann's Flat. Below here the valley becomes more restricted and the aridness of this area becomes more apparent. Ten miles from the Pioneer Trails Landing is the I-80 Bridge. You then pass through James Town and follow along the Palisades Cliffs. You enter Green River just after passing Tollgate Rock and the Expedition Island Landing is just below the first bridge. If you continue through Green River for a couple more miles, there is another landing at a park above Scott Bottom. Float time from Pioneer Trails to Expedition Island is four hours.

Below Scott Bottom the river loops through a canyon for about five miles to Flaming Gorge Reservoir. From there you have about ten miles of paddling to the boat ramp at Big Firehole (accessed by turning off W-191 about 15 miles south of I-80).

Photo Caption (image not shown): Monument Hill across from the Pioneer Trails Landing on the lower Green River.