Green River: The W-351 Bridge to Fontenelle


GRADIENT -8 ft/mile

LENGTH - 40 miles

FLOAT TIME -10 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS -Pinedale, Afton, Fontenelle

PUT IN - W-351 Bridge east of Big Piney

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - Names Hill above Fontenelle Reservoir

Green River

USGS Gage Station CFS at Warren Bridge.

Green River


Beginning at the W-351 Bridge Landing, the river flows south for a couple of miles to the confluence with the New Fork River at the base of Ross Ridge. There the river turns west for a bit (past a small bridge) and then swings south again at the head of a small island. After three miles, the river once again swings west and you go by Ferry Island. At the end of the island, the river turns south to a fishing access point. As the river continues south, you pass by another access point which is a much better landing than the one at the end of Ferry Island. You then go by three small islands to a point where you can see Castle Rock off to the east. Just below the third island, and upstream from a bridge, are landings on both sides of the river. These landings (as well as the two upper ones near Ferry Island) are reached by turning off US-189 at mile #100. Float time from W-351 to this bridge is about four hours.

Continuing downstream, the river travels through part of the Little Colorado Desert. This area has many small islands with long gravel bars and stands of cottonwoods, forming a nice contrast with the pink and white eroded hills. About two hours from the landings near Castle Rock, you begin following along a pine ridge and sandstone cliff. Two hours further, the river swings near the highway to a bridge landing just north of LaBarge. This landing is reached by turning off US-189 at mile #86. After passing LaBarge, you once again begin following along some steep bluffs. One hour from LaBarge is another bridge and a big island with a heron rookery. The river then swings over to the highway and the Names Hill Landing (US-189, mile #79). From here it's about one mile to Fontenelle Reservoir. Float time from the Castle Rock landings to Names Hill is six hours.