Free Online Book: The Floater's Guide to Wyoming Rivers


This guide to Wyoming Rivers was first published in 1991 and I allowed it to go out of print in 2004. Click here to go to the free OnLine Version of the Floater's Guide



A comprehensive Floater's Guide to Wyoming waterways; from flatwater to whitewater; from the Bear, Bighorn and Blacks Fork, to the Tongue, Wind and Wood River.



Information is included about access points, maps, flow data, hazards, classifications, float times, and trip descriptions. More than 1,700 miles of 27 Wyoming rivers are documented first-hand.




Excerpt from the Preface:

I wanted to spend an entire summer floating the rivers of Wyoming - it ended up being three summers. I began thinking about and planning this adventure with my typical romantic outlook and my typical glorification of the probable hardships. As usual, the hardships were much less appealing than my romanticism led me to believe. Cold, wet, scared, lonely, exhausted, blistered, frustrated, ignorant, angry, sick, bug bitten, intimidated and delirious with Colorado tick fever are but a few of the adjectives associated with my discomforts.

However, as with many opposition's in my life, the yin and the yang, there was considerable compensation for my troubles... For me it is the act of doing that triggers these occasions of inner realization. The role canoeing or kayaking plays is that of a tool to access those triggers.