Blacks Fork River: Middle section from Lyman to Granger and I-80


GRADIENT - 5 ft/mile

LENGTH - 65 miles

FLOAT TIME - 16 hours

BLM QUAD MAPS - Evanston, Kemmerer, Rock Springs

PUT IN - below Lyman

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - I-80 rest stop

Blacks Fork River CFS Data

USGS Gage Station CFS near Little America.

Blacks Fork River Map


The best put-in for this section is reached by taking I-80 Exit #48 and then heading north for five miles to some state land at the second bridge. In this area you can see the Uinta Mountains to the south and the Bear River Range to the west. Downstream one hour are three fences which may require a drag-around. Just below, the river nears the county road and begins traveling through some badlands. Here Church Butte is just off to the east. After about three hours, you float past a large bluff on the right and pass through an area with some small vegetated sand dunes. Just below is Muddy Creek and the railroad bridge at Church Butte Siding. Float time to here is about four or five hours.

Downstream from Muddy Creek, the river travels through a large expanse where you can see several buttes. In this area you also begin floating past thickets of buffalo berry. The first couple of shade trees show up after about two hours. Here the river begins traveling through a oil field area and you have three more bridges before coming to the Hams Fork Confluence and the take-out at Granger (or US-30 at mile marker #96). Float time from Church Butte Siding to here is about five or six hours.

The trip from Granger to the I-80 rest stop at mile marker #77 takes six or seven hours to float<197>with two of those hours being a bit disagreeable. About three hours below Granger is a large chemical plant. This area reminds me of a futuristic (?) science fiction movie and it is filled with a great deal of sensory pollution.