Bighorn River: Greybull to Bighorn Reservoir


GRADIENT - 6 ft/mile

LENGTH - 35 miles

FLOAT TIME - 10 hours


PUT IN - Greybull City Park

PUT IN - Google Map

TAKE OUT - Bighorn Reservoir

Bighorn River

USGS Gage Station CFS near Basin.

Bighorn River


Beginning at either the City Park or US-16 Bridge landings, you pass by Dry Creek on the left and then Shell Creek on the right. About one mile downstream you go beneath a bridge. The river then loops near the highway and back again where you begin following along some red cliffs and the base of Sheep Mountain. A few miles downstream is Stallion Island. The river then travels along the railroad tracks at Stucco and enters Sheep Canyon (three hours from Greybull). This short cut through Sheep Mountain is nice to say the least.

After leaving the canyon you get a glimpse of the Pryor Mountains to the far north and views of the Big Horn Mountains open up to the east. You continue to follow along Sheep Mountain on the left and steep bluffs on the right for the next hour or so. The river then meanders through some broken country for a couple of miles to Crystal Creek. Below here you begin following along Little Sheep Mountain and pass through Little Sheep Gap (three hours from Sheep Canyon).

From Little Sheep Gap, you continue along Little Sheep Mountain for a bit. Then for the next three or four hours, the river loops and bends across the basin floor to the US-14A Bridge Landing (mile #10) and Bighorn Reservoir. There is also another landing just down from the bridge and across from the confluence with the Shoshone River. If you continue north on the river/reservoir, it's another 10 miles through Bighorn Canyon to Horseshoe Bend Landing (off W-37). Float time from Greybull to US-14A is about ten hours.