Wyoming Wildflowers - The Yellow

Excerpt from 8,000 Miles of Dirt: ...it was warm with my damp clothes sticking to me and the sun was heating everything around me like a toaster oven. I say it was warm and not hot or insufferable because it wasn't. It was warm enough to make me uncomfortable. That degree of unpleasantness was enough to make me feel alive. To feel the sticky sweat, the wrap and cling of material around my body, the heaviness of my boots, the tightness of the skin around my squinting eyes, the pestering sound Smeagle makes as he pants in the heat, and the cotton spit in my mouth as I think about cool water waiting for me back at Black Irene. (I can see why people go crazy during sensory deprivation.) I do not believe this to be some type of masochistic behavior that I exhibit. I think of it as finding the experience of living to be so great.


Just click a thumbnail to enlarge one of these flower images in its own individual frame where you can view its common and scientific name and use navigation icons to move through the image gallery. You can also click on the underlined common name link to go to the web page for that species taken from the online version of Wyoming Inflorescense: A photographic treatise on select plants.