Wyoming Wildflowers - The White

The white-with-red-trim Chevy Apache-3100 lurched and bucked as it careened between the ruts of the two-track road leading away from the ranch house and over the divide to the ram's pasture a few miles away. Pappy was driving and we were in the back. Leaning out from the bed of the pickup, with fingers clenched tightly around the cuff of a sleeve, I cast the jacket over the side and out into the sea of grass, then quickly reeled in the catch: the reproductive efforts of Stipa comata know also as needle-and-thread grass and spear-grass. My older sister eyed me with contempt as I carefully plucked the awns from the denim and reloaded my quiver with a new arsenal of darts.


Just click a thumbnail to enlarge one of these flower images in its own individual frame where you can view its common and scientific name and use navigation icons to move through the image gallery. You can also click on the underlined common name link to go to the web page for that species taken from the online version of Wyoming Inflorescense: A photographic treatise on select plants.