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Section 9: Trip Eight

The drive and return road from Clark to the lower Clarks Fork Canyon


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.894292, -109.112667
     Ending: 44.837586, -109.335352

This little trip begins by turning off W-120 at mile #130 (not the access road next to the river bridge at mile #129) and taking county roads 1AB and 8VC to the west. As you near the mouth of the canyon, everything begins to get very impressive. The pavement ends 12 miles from the highway and you enter the national forest—maybe. It's another mile of rough road to the actual forest boundary.

The dirt road continues up the canyon for a mile or so to the national forest and then turns into an even rougher two-track trail requiring a high clearance 4WD. There are no maintained campgrounds here, but there are some NICE VIEW camping sites.

Two miles from the end of the pavement is a small rocky stream crossing. Here the foot trail north leads to Bridal Veil Falls. The 2-track continues up the canyon for four miles where it deadends (at least for all practical purposes). There you might be able to make the steep climb up to the Clarks Fork River Trail. This trail follows along the north edge of the canyon to W-292 near the junction with US-212 (see page 131).

The Clarks Fork River is Wyoming's first and only Wild and Scenic River (and Boyce would probably concur that it is worthy of the classification).