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Section 9: Trip Seven

The Badger Basin Cutoff from Ralston to Clark


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.689969, -108.914718
     Ending: 44.902086, -109.104331

This trip begins by turning off US-14A just west of Ralston (mile #15) and taking W-294 north. Here you can see McCullough Peaks to the south, Carter Mountain to the southwest, and Heart Mountain to the west. To the northwest are the Beartooth Mountains, to the near northeast is the Polecat Bench and above them in the distance are the Pryor Mountains.

At mile #3 is Kamms Corner. A bit further you cross Alkali Creek and begin traveling across the Ralston Flats. Four miles further, the road drops down through some small breaks and travels across the arid badlands below. At mile #9 you cross Big Sand Coulee and two miles further is the Little Sand Coulee Road (BLM) that turns southwest and hits W-120 at mile #120. Along here you can see the Polecat Bench off to the east. Continue west on W-294 for eight more miles to W-120 at mile #130 near Clark.

Heart Mountain is one of the dominate landmarks in this area. It is shown here in the background behind the Heart Mountain Relocation Center (off US-14A at mile #14).