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Section 9: Trip Six

The Little Dry Creek Road cutoff from W-32 to W-789


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Beginning: 44.571810, -108.468379
     Ending: 44.645411, -108.264054

This trip begins by turning off W-32 at mile #122, five miles north of Emblem. As you travel east on the Little Dry Creek Road (BLM-1118), you can see the Bighorns to the east, McCoulgh Peaks to the southwest, Carter Mountain to the west, and Heart Mountain to the northwest. To the north are the Beartooth Mountains and to the northeast are the Prior Mountains.

The road winds around the top of a small divide and across the barren badlands. After six miles the road turns away from Sore Finger Reservoir to a junction. Here you can take the Sand Draw Road (BLM-1127) north to Byron and Lovell. Turn southeast to the next junction in one mile. Here you can take the Foster Gulch Road (BLM-1119) north to Byron.

Continue east toward the Sheep Mountain uplift and across Little Dry Creek (four miles). A couple of mile further, you begin passing through some rocky breaks and hit W-789 at mile #220. (Note: For people going the other way, one mile from W-789 the old highway continues southeast but take the dirt road to the south.)

There are several 2-track roads that run across the basin. These "paths" are great places to explore but they may require a certain amount of effort and take some bridge-building abilities.