Section 9: Trip Four

The Greybull River Road from Meeteetse to Basin


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 44.237439, -108.829438
     Ending: 44.385914, -108.056313
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This trip begins by taking W-120 along the Greybull River north of Meeteetse. After five miles you cross Meeteetse Creek to a junction at mile #58.

Turn northeast toward Burlington and the road (P-3LE) continues through a small valley along the Greybull River and the base of YU Bench. Ten miles further, the road climbs up to a junction where you can take the YU Bench Road (P-3JU) northwest to US-14. Here you can see Tatman Mountain off to the east.

Continue northeast along the YU Bench and then east toward the Bighorn Mountains. After about eight miles, you enter Big Horn County and begin traveling through a wetland area on Lane 40. (Nice drive.) Eight miles from the county line, you join W-30 at mile #120. Here you can go north to Burlington and US-14 near Emblem.

Continue east and you can see Table Mountain to the north and Sheep Mountain to the south. The trees in this area are mainly Russian olive. At mile #112, you pass through Otto and you can see Gould Butte to the northeast. Five miles further is a junction. Here you can continue east to US-20 at Basin (eight miles), or you can turn northeast on the Greybull River Road (BH-CR) to US-20 on the south side of Greybull (nine miles).

Although Trip Four is paved, there are other "roads" in the basin. Hoping to avoid the scene found on page 135, Black Irene waits patiently on top while Smeagle and I scout the 2-track road below.