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Section 9: Trip Three

The Wood River - Greybull River drive and return road from Meeteetse


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Beginning: 44.149142, -108.874084
     Ending: 44.110030, -109.351405

This trip begins by turning off W-120 in Meeteetse and going west on W-290. As you follow the Greybull River out of town, you can see Carter Mountain to the far west. At mile #6 you cross the Wood River to a junction. Here you can continue west along the Greybull River to a junction at the end of W-290. There you can turn south on P-5XS for three miles to Sunshine Reservoir, or you can continue west to the Timber Creek, Jack Creek, or North Fork Pickett Creek access roads to the national forest. (See option below.)

Turn south on the Wood River Road (P-4DT) and you travel through the valley for about four miles. The road then swings southwest across the river where the pavement ends. Here P-4CP turns south toward Gooseberry Creek.

Continue southwest along the river and toward the Absaroka Mountains. After about two miles, the road crosses the river again and you begin traveling below some bluffs. Six miles further, you pass Noon Point (off to the south) and enter the national forest (three more miles).

After entering the national forest, the road turns west and you pass a trailhead to South Fork Wood River. In this area you begin seeing limber pine, aspen, cedar, and spruce trees. One mile further is the Wood River Campground and the confluence with the Middle Fork Wood River coming in from the south. (Nice drive.)

After leaving the campground, you cross Deer Cree and pass by the Middle Fork Wood River Trailhead and come to the Brown Mountain Campground. Here a rough road continues west to The Meadows and enters private property on its way to another trailhead at Kirwin.

OPTION: Greybull River Road to Jack Creek

Continue west across Sunshine Creek and along the Greybull River to mile #8 where an access road turns off to Lower Sunshine Reservoir. A couple of miles further west at mile #11, the pavement ends at a junction at the base of Papyo Butte. Here you can turn south on P-5XS to Sunshine Reservoir. (Papyo means "buffalo paunch". The name comes from an Indian legend about a tribe of Indians seeking protection on the butte from another hostile tribe. The tribe at the base of the butte was trying to starve the tribe on top and win the battle. Sometime during the siege, a brave made a desperate run for water collected from the river in a buffalo paunch. The battle was turned around as the tribe on top rallied around this heroic event.)

Continue west on P-4IX around the butte another junction in five miles. Here the Timber Creek Ranger Station Road (NF-204) turns south toward Jojo Mountain. Stay west for two miles to another junction. Here the Pickett Creek Road (P-5RU) turns northwest to the national forest.

Continue west on NF-208 and, after crossing Frances Creek, the road leaves the river and makes a long climb up the mountain to an oil field station. Along this stretch you get a good view of the Pickett Creek drainage coming in from the northwest. At the top is another access road (NF-233) to the national forest. The road now drops down along the base of the mountain to the Jacks Creek Campground on the Greybull River (18 miles from the end of the pavement).

Papyo Butte near the confluence of the Greybull river and Wood River.