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Section 8: Trip Nine

The drive and return road from US-191 to Granite Falls


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Beginning: 43.283117, -110.534138
     Ending: 43.369230, -110.446029

This short trip begins by turning off US-191 at mile #152, between Hoback Junction and Bondurant. You head northeast on the Granite Springs Road and follow along Granite Creek. Along here you can see Palmer Peak and Corner Peak ahead of you and across the creek to the east is Battle Mountain. The trees in this area are lodgepole pine and spruce. After about two miles, you pass by a road turning north along Little Granite Creek to a trailhead.

Continue northeast along Granite Creek and after about five miles the road swings north past a road going east across the creek to Jack Pine. Here you can see the Open Door and Corner Peak to the north, and to the northeast is Steamboat Peak and Palmer Peak.

Along here the mountain valley narrows in a bit and you pass by another road going east across Granite Creek to the Swift Creek Trailhead. One mile further is the Granite Campground. Here you can see Pyramid Peak up the canyon to the north and Pinnacle Peak off to the west.

Just past the campground is the turn to Granite Falls (nice) and you go below the Open Door. One half mile further the road ends at a parking area. Here you have a short walk to the hot springs and a trailhead to Turquoise Lake and Granite Creek.

Granite Creek Falls are located at the end of the main road and just below the Granite Creek Hot Springs.