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Section 8: Trip Seven

The drive and return road from Pinedale to Elkhart Park


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.870215, -109.853628
     Ending: 43.006061, -109.752831

This trip begins on the south side of Pinedale where you turn northeast on to the Fremont and Half Moon Lake Road (S-154). The road climbs up past the museum and medical center and then heads toward the Wind River Mountains. After about two miles, you have a good view of Fremont Lake to the northeast and the Wyoming Range to the far west. One mile further is a junction. Here you can turn north to Sandy Beach or continue along the shoreline to the Fremont Lake Campground (five miles).

Turn northeast on the road to Half Moon Lake and you continue to climb up to another junction (four miles). Here you can turn south down to Half Moon Lake.

Continue east and you have a good view of Fremont Ridge to the northwest. Half Moon Lake, Half Moon Mountain, and Mud Lake are to the south, and to the northeast is Fortification Mountain. In this area you begin passing by lodgepole pine and aspen trees. After a couple of miles you pass by a parking area for cross country skiing and then a turnoff to the downhill ski area. As you continue to climb, you begin seeing a few spruce and fir trees.

The road passes by an overlook of Fremont Lake and Soda Lake and three miles further is a fantastic overlook of the Wind River Mountains. After one more mile is the end of the road at the Elkhart Trailhead to the Bridger Wilderness and the Trails End Campground.

Jamie, John, Mike, Julia, and Jim loading equipment after a backpacking trip in the Bridger Wilderness.