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Section 8: Trip Four

LaBarge to Alpine on the LaBarge Creek - Greys River Road


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Beginning: 42.242280, -110.194729
     Ending: 43.157438, -111.006885

This trip begins by turning off US-189 at mile #84, one mile south of LaBarge. As you head west on L-315, you can see the Little Colorado Desert to the east, the Hogback Ridge to the northwest, and to the south is LaBarge Creek.

After about six miles, you begin following LaBarge Creek northwest toward Deadline Ridge. After passing through Viola, the pavement ends (11 miles from the highway) and you follow the creek through a small valley, between Miller Mountain on the south and Lae Mountain on the north. Along here, the bottom land is filled with willow and aspen, and the hillsides are lined with limber pine, spruce, fir, and cedar trees. (A just plain pretty drive.)

After traveling through the valley for about eight miles, the road crosses Sheep Creek. The canyon now lies between Deadline Ridge on the northeast and Absaroka Ridge on the southwest. You then pass by the Fontenelle Creek Road (NF-10103) going south to Kemmerer (45 miles). Two miles further you enter the Bridger National Forest on NF-10138 and cross Big Fall Creek.

Along this stretch, you can see Mount Thompson to the north. After about four miles, you pass by the Scaler Cabin Road (NF-10166 going west) and come to a junction (30 miles from LaBarge) between Packsaddle Ridge and Commissary Ridge. Here you can go east on NF-10128 to Snider Basin and Big Piney (see page 113).

Continue north across Coyote Park Creek and along LaBarge Creek. Here the road passes between Mount Thompson on the east and Graham Peak on the west. Four miles from Coyote Park Creek, you cross Clear Creek and pass by NF-10180 going to a trailhead to Commissary Ridge and Fontenelle Lakes.

After four more miles, you come to a junction in the LaBarge Meadows. Here you can turn northwest on NF-10072, over Commissary Ridge, to the Smiths Fork Road. On this road you can go south to Cokeville or west to Smoot (see page 112 and page 113).

Stay north on the Greys River Road (NF-10138) and you climb to a small saddle on the Tri-Basin Divide. The road then drops down past spruce and fir trees and you begin following the Greys River. (Nice drive.) Here you can see Wyoming Peak to the north, the Wyoming Range to the east, and to the west is the Salt River Range.

You go through part of Poison Meadows and past the Poison Creek Road (NF-10217) after a couple of miles and seven miles from LaBarge Meadows is Shot Hole Spring. You then pass below Mount Coffin (next to Wyoming Peak) and go past the Spring Creek Road (NF-10243) and the Cazier Guard Station (three more miles).

The next eight miles down to the Three Forks Road (NF-10043) to Barstow Lake travels along one of the prettiest stretches of Wyoming rivers. In this area you begin seeing a few cottonwood trees and the canyon widens. The road then travels through the Forest Park Feedground and you come to the Forest Park Campground.

Three miles from the campground is a junction at Sheep Creek (65 miles from LaBarge). Here you can turn east on the McDougal Gap Road (NF-10125), to Daniel Junction or Big Piney (see page 116). A half-mile further north is NF-10214 going west to Bear Creek and Cabin Creek.

Continue north toward Alpine (35 miles). After about three miles, you pass the Meadows Guard Station. Here you can see Sherman Peak to the west. A couple of miles further, you leave the national forest and the road swings northwest, away from Middle Ridge, and goes around The Elbow toward Man Peak. After traveling through a distasteful developed area for one mile, the road enters the national forest again.

After two miles, the road swings back to the north again and you travel through Moose Flats to the Moose Flats Campground. Here you can see Star Peaks to the northwest. After five more miles, you pass Kennington Flat (and Smeagle didn't care much for the name of the next creek you cross—Dead Dog Creek). You then go by the Deer Creek Guard Station and Murphy Creek Campground. Two miles further is the Lynx Creek Campground.

Four miles from the campground, the road crosses the Little Greys River. Here NF-10124 turns northeast to McCain Meadows (12 miles).

Stay on the main road as it swings west between Bradley Mountain on the north and the Salt River Range on the south. Six miles further, you pass by the Bridge Day Use area and begin seeing big tooth maple trees. You then leave the national forest and enter Alpine (on L-102) to a junction with US-89 at mile #118. Here you can go north one mile (across the Snake River) to Alpine Junction.

A logging truck on a straight stretch of road is a welcome sight; one coming around the bend is not! Watch your speed and drive with care.