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Section 8: Trip Two

The Smiths Fork River Road from Cokeville to Smoot


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Beginning: 42.086034, -110.944587
     Ending: 42.529348, -110.897735

This trip begins by turning off US-30 in Cokeville and going north on W-232 (Smiths Fork River Road). As you follow along the river, the road passes below the southern end of the Sublette Range on the west and the Tunp Range on the east. To the north is Mount Wagner. At mile #3 you pass by L-204 going east to a ski area and then north through Bear Canyon to join the Hams Fork River Road. At mile #12 the pavement ends at a junction. Here you can take the Hams Fork River Road east and then south to Kemmerer (see page 111).

Stay north toward the Dry Fork Road and along the river through a sagebrush lined valley. Here Muddy Ridge is to the west and to the east is the Tunp Range. After eight miles the road crosses the river and then climbs over a divide and begins following the Dry Fork. Here a side road turns east toward the Smiths Fork, but continue along the creek toward Mount Wagner.

After about eight miles the road begins climbing through a small canyon and enters the Bridger National Forest on NF-10071. (Depending on recent rains or snowmelt, his section can get a bit rough.) Here you see a few fir trees. The road climbs to the top of a divide and drops down to a junction on the North Fork Smiths Fork River (32 miles from Cokeville). Here you can turn east on NF-10072 to US-189 at LaBarge or Big Piney (see page 113 and page 114).

Turn northwest up the hill on NF-10072. The road then swings west (past lodgepole pine) and you have a great overlook of Mount Wagner and Red Top to the north. The road turns back to the northwest again and follows along above the Salt River. To the north is Star Valley. Six miles from the last junction, you hit US-89 at mile #71, six miles south of Smoot.

Although travel conditions are certainly more ideal than those depicted in the photograph on page 113 accidents still happen. Please drive carefully on all roads!