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Section 8: Trip Fourteen

The drive and return road from Dubois to Double Cabin


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Beginning: 43.534076, -109.633489
     Ending: 43.802902, -109.561835

This trip begins by turning north at the Horse Creek Bridge in Dubois (US-287, mile #55). As you follow the creek out of town on NF-285, you can see Whiskey Mountain to the south and to the northeast a bit is Spring Mountain and Elk Horn Ridge. After four miles, the road crosses Little Horse Creek and the pavement ends. Here you can see Ramshorn Peak to the northwest.

The road travels along the base of EM Mountain and then swings north between EM Mountain and Battrum Mountain. Five miles from the end of the pavement, you enter the national forest and come to a junction. Here you can go west to Brent Creek on NF-511. Turn northeast to the next junction in a half mile. Here the Burroughs Creek Road (NF-510) turns north toward Amoretti Park.

Turn east past the Horse Creek Campground across Horse Creek. A bit further you can see Baedeker Butte to the northeast and part of the cliffs forming the Ramshorn along to the northeast. (Nice view.) A couple miles further is another junction. Here you can turn north on NF-504 to Parque Creek and Ramshorn Basin. (The NF-504, NF-510 and NF-511 roads are interconnecting loop roads.)

Stay east on NF-285 (Wiggins Fork, 13 miles) and the road climbs up the southern end of Elk Horn Ridge. As the road swings north along the side of the ridge, you have a good view of Indian Ridge on the east. Further north, a view opens up of the Wiggins Fork drainage and you can see Mount Ken to the northeast. After a couple more miles, the road passes through a small park and you can now see Baedeker Butte to the west. Here the road drops down and crosses Cartilage Creek below Lincoln Point (nine miles from the Horse Creek Bridge).

After crossing Cartilage Creek, the road climbs up again and swings around the back side of Lincoln Point. Four miles further is the end of the road at Double Cabin Campground. Here you can see Nortons Point above the confluence of Frontier Creek and Wiggins Creek. (This is a spectacular area.)

A tepee layover on Wiggins Creek before continuing to the rendezvous at Fort Bridger. Life is good!