Section 8: Trip Thirteen

The Buffalo Valley Road side trip to Turpin Meadows


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 43.838499, -110.443302
     Ending: 43.814052, -110.265876
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This trip begins by turning off US-287 east of Moran Junction at mile #3. Here the Buffalo Valley Road runs northeast and then east along the Buffalo Fork River. On this stretch of the road you can see Leidy Mountain to the south, the Tetons to the west, Randolf Mountain to the northeast, and Angie Mountain above Burro Hill to the east.

After three miles the road leaves the river and passes by Tracy Lake (Taco Lake), between Burro Hill and Randolf Mountain. A bit further you begin following the river again through a beautiful mountain valley. Here you can now see Terrace Mountain just north of Angie Mountain. Three miles further the pavement ends in Turpin Meadows (10 miles from the highway). Here you can go north a half mile to the Turpin Meadow Campground and a trailhead for the Teton Wilderness.

Turn south across the river. The trees along the bottom here are mainly lodgepole pine mixed with a few cottonwood, aspen and spruce, but as you climb up the eastern edge of Rosies Ridge, the pine and cottonwood give way to the spruce. Watch for deer, elk, and moose near the small clearings and parks. Four miles from the meadows is US-287 at mile #13.

Good friends around the campfire at Turpin Meadows (Dave, Daniel, Sharon, Donna, Matthew, and Scott).