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Section 8: Trip Ten

Hoback Junction to Moose Junction: the back way


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Beginning: 43.291700, -110.792454
     Ending: 43.656058, -110.720445

This trip begins by turning north off US-89 at mile #137, five miles west of Hoback Junction. After traveling through the cottonwood bottoms for a bit, the Wilson/Fall Creek Road climbs up to Pritchard Pass (two miles). Here you see lodgepole pine trees. As the road drop downs to Fall Creek, you also see a few spruce and fir trees. The road follows along the creek to the north, between Munger Mountain on the east and the Snake River Range on the west.

After a couple of miles, the road leaves the creek and climbs up a bit and the pavement starts near a small park (developed area). You then drop down past aspen trees to the Snake River below. After traveling along stands of cottonwoods for a few miles, the road climbs up a small bench and then drops down along the river again to W-22 at Wilson.

Turn east on W-22 for two miles and then north on W-390. The road follows along the Snake River on the east and travels below Rendezvous Mountain on the west. You pass West Gros Ventre Butte off to the east and then cross Lake Creek. Here you can see Table Mountain in the Gros Ventre Mountains to the far east. At mile #7 you pass by the turnoff to Teton Village and you continue north into the national park (Granite Canyon Entrance Station) and the pavement ends.

Stay north toward Moose Junction. (Trailers and trucks are prohibited on the route.) After about one mile, you pass by the trailhead to Granite Canyon, hit pavement again and cross Lake Creek to a little road going to the Laurance Rockefeller Preserve. After two more miles, you pass by a trailhead to Death Canyon. The road then travels past a couple of scenic overlooks to a junction at the Moose entrance to Grand Teton National Park. Here you can continue north through the park to Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake, and US-89 north of Moran. Also at this junction, you can turn east for one mile to US-89 at Moose Junction.

Julia and her daughter Mary make time to relax and appreciate a peaceful evening view. The other visitors I saw during the hour were in such a hurry that they only peered over the edge and then rushed away in their cars.