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Section 7: Trip Seven

Lyman to Granger on the Church Butte Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.412857, -110.188511
     Ending: 41.576739, -109.963963

This trip begins by going east from Lyman on East Clark Street (US-80). Three miles out of town, you turn north on U-233 at mile #46. Here you can see the Uinta Mountains to the south. To the southwest is Sugarloaf Butte and Haystack Butte. After about two miles, you hit pavement and the road follows along I-80 for one mile. The road then goes under the interstate and crosses the Blacks Fork River. Here you begin traveling on a better road and pass by Moss Agate Cut (about eight miles from Lyman).

You can also hit the Church Butte Road and avoid the broken pavement by taking I-80 exit #48. Here a good gravel road (U-237) travels north across the Blacks Fork River and joins the Church Butte Road a mile north of Moss Agate Cut.

Now that both routes have joined, the road continues along the river and you pass by U-235 going northwest to a pumping station. Two miles further, you cross the river again and you begin following along the base of an eroded rim toward Church Butte.

After passing by Church Butte, the road turns away from the river and you continue to follow the rim for one more mile. The road then travels through a small basin (Porter Hollow) and crosses the county line at a gas plant where you begin traveling on S-2. Two miles further, you pass by Moss Agate Knoll (off to the north). After three more miles, you cross a small creek to a junction.

Here you can continue east on S-2 for one mile to US-30 at mile #98. Also at this junction, you can turn north on S-16 for one mile to the Blacks Fork River in Granger. There you can take W-375 east to US-30 (mile #95). On US-30, you can go south to I-80 at exit #66 or exit #61.

The Church Butte area is a great place to hike around looking for nothing in particular.