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Section 7: Trip Six

The Dry Creek Road from Mountain View east to McKinnon Junction


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.233982, -110.207904
     Ending: 41.227664, -109.761225

This trip begins by turning off W-414 at mile #108, about half way between Lonetree and Mountain View. About 100 yards after turning east on U-254 is a junction. Here the Cottonwood Bench Road continues north past Turtle Hill to Lyman.

Turn east on BLM-4315 and, after crossing Cottonwood Creek, the road swings southeast toward Sage Creek Mountain. After climbing up a small hill, the road turns back to the east (away from Sage Mountain) to a junction with the Cow Pit #3 road. Continue east for another six miles to a junction on Dry Creek. Here you can take the Hank Hollow Road north and connect with the Mud Spring Road going to I-80 at exit #48.

Continue east across Dry Creek to another junction. Here you can take the 4WD road (BLM-4317) up the hill to the south and follow along the Big Hollow for eight miles to Box Springs. There the road climbs to the top of Cedar Mountain and hits the Cedar Mountain Road going to Lonetree or S-1 (see page 105).

Continue east on BLM-4315 and, after crossing a small creek, you climb on to the Big Hollow Bench. Here you can see Pilot Butte and Wilkin Peak to the east, Mass Mountain and Cedar Mountain to the southeast and Sage Creek Mountain to the southwest. The road swings northeast and drops down through some badlands to Big Dry Creek (five miles from Dry Creek).

Just past Big Dry Creek, a road turns off to the south, but stay east over the hill to a small junction in Cattail Draw. Here another road heads south toward Box Springs. Continuing east from Cattail Draw, the road travels past gullies, washes and blowouts for about eleven miles to a junction with the Cedar Mountain Road (BLM-4317). Here you can southwest to W-414 at Lonetree.

Continue east for one more mile to a junction with S-1. Here you can either go south to W-414 at McKinnon, or north to McKinnon Junction (W-530 at mile #20, see page 103).

Cattail Draw and eroded badlands on the Dry Creek Road.