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Section 7: Trip Five

Mountain View west to W-150 and Evanston on the Piedmont Road


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Beginning: 41.266472, -110.345927
     Ending: 41.140940, -110.843032

This trip begins by turning off I-80 at exit #39 and going south on W-414 to Mountain View. In Mountain View, you turn southwest on W-410 and, after winding along the Tipperary Bench above the Smiths Fork and Blacks Fork Rivers, you come to a junction at mile #10. Here U-283 turns south to the Wasatch National Forest. Stay on W-410 west past Robertson and across the Smiths Fork River. Here you can turn south on U-279 to the national forest.

Continue west on W-410 and you can see Cap White Ridge to the south. The road then crosses the Blacks Fork River travels through a beautiful area containing stands of aspen, cottonwood, willow, cedar, and spruce trees.

One mile west of the Blacks Fork River is a junction where the pavement ends (mile #16). Here you can take U-271 south to Meeks Cabin Reservoir and the national forest in Utah.

Continue west on U-204 and the road climbs up a switchback to a junction on the top of Bigelow Bench. Here you can see the top of Sugarloaf Butte and Haystack Butte to the north. To the east is Cottonwood Bench and Leavite Bench. At this junction you can turn north on U-207 and travel along the Bigelow Bench to U-202, two miles south of I-80 (exit #30). Also at this junction (about 200 yards further west) is a road going south toward Meeks Cabin.

Continue west and the road drops off the bench along Hague Creek down to Little Creek at the bottom. Along here you can see Chapman Butte to the south, Medicine Peak to the northwest, Aspen Mountain to the west, and Meyer Ridge around to the north. Eight miles from the end of the pavement, you cross Muddy Creek and Piedmont Creek to a junction at Piedmont. (This is a great place to picnic and knock around a bit.) Here you can go north along Muddy Creek to I-80 at exit #24 near Byrnes Crossing.

Turn south and, after passing the kilns and a few buildings, you come to a junction below a small reservoir. The road (U-173) to the southwest will take you over to Aspen Mountain and Hilliard, but this route can be a disaster if the road is wet.

Turn south on U-171 across Piedmont Creek and away from the reservoir for the safer and more scenic route. The road follows Muddy Creek and then West Muddy Creek for about six miles. At Chapman Butte the road leaves the creek. You pass between Byme Reservoir on the south and Guild Reservoir on the north and after five miles you come to a junction. Here the good weather road from Piedmont turns back to the northeast.

Turn southwest on U-171 and the road follows Aspen Creek along the base of Aspen Mountain. After three miles, you pass by U-167 going south to Rocky Point and W-150. One mile further is a junction at Hilliard. Here U-165 also turns south to Rocky Point.

Stay west on the paved U-171 and the road swings around the south side of Sulphur Creek Reservoir to W-150 (mile #11). Here you can turn south to the Wasatch National Forest and the state line (12 miles). There Utah-189 will continue on to Heber City.

Turn north on W-150 and the road passes by the Bear River City Historical Site and Oyster Shell Ridge (off to the east at mile #10). As you travel north, you cross the Bear River at mile #8 where you can see Medicine Butte to the far north. The road continues along the Bear River to Evanston and I-80 at exit #5.

These charcoal kilns at Piedmont are located about six miles south of I-80 exit #24. The charcoal produced here was shipped to smelters near Salt Lake City.