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Section 7: Trip Three

The Cedar Mountain Road from S-1 to W-414 at Lonetree


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.315563, -109.650032
     Ending: 41.073531, -110.158866

This trip begins by turning off S-1, nine miles southwest of McKinnon Junction. (See page 103 for a trip description to this starting point.) Turn northwest and after two miles you come to a junction. Here the Dry Creek Road (BLM-4315) continues west to W-414 on the Cottonwood Bench near Mountain View (see page 108).

Turn southwest toward Mass Mountain and Cedar Mountain on BLM-4317. After about seven miles, you pass by a road going southeast back toward S-1. Continue southwest and then west along Little Dry Fork Creek and you can see where the road climbs up the side of the mountain. Along here Mass Mountain is now off to the south.

The road climbs up a couple of steep switchbacks to a terrific view on top. To the north are the Wind River Mountains. To the northwest is Round Mountain and the Wyoming Range, and to the west is Medicine Peak and Sage Creek Mountain. The Uinta Mountains are off to the south. Behind Black Mountain to the east is Little Mountain and behind it is Pine Mountain. You can also see the Richards Mountains behind Twin Buttes to the east. Finally, off to the northeast is Aspen Mountain, Wilkins Peak, and Pilot Butte.

A half mile west of this lookout, you pass by a 4WD road going down the side of the mountain to Box Springs. On this road you can take the 2-track over to the Dry Creek Road.

Stay southwest on the North Rim Road and you travel across the top of Cedar Mountain. After four miles, the road goes down a couple of switchbacks and follows along the side of the mountain above Big Hollow in the Dry Creek drainage. You pass by patches of aspen trees along this beautiful stretch of the road. (Nice picnic areas.)

The road then heads toward the gap between Sage Creek Mountain and Hickly Mountain. After a few miles, you pass by a small road going to Sage Creek Mountain. The main road drops down through some badlands to the flats along the Henrys Fork River (about three miles). You then turn west along the river and hit W-414 at mile #120, just north of Lonetree.

A twisted and solitary cedar tree demonstrating the art of raw beauty.