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Section 7: Trip Two

The McKinnon Road from W-530 west to Mountain View and I-80


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Beginning: 41.315563, -109.650032
     Ending: 41.267175, -110.317018

This trip begins by turning off W-530 at McKinnon Junction (mile #20, see page 103 for a trip description to this point). Here you head southwest on S-1 where you can see the Devils Playground and Black Mountain to the south and Cedar Mountain to the southwest.

Nine miles from W-530 is a small junction. Here you can see Mass Mountain to the southwest, to the southeast is Black Mountain and to the west is Cedar Mountain. At this junction you can turn west one mile to another junction. There you can go southwest on the Cedar Mountain Road to Lonetree, or you can continue west on the Dry Creek Road to Mountain View (see page 105 and page 108).

As you continue further south on S-1, the Uinta Mountains loom up before you and to the east you can see the northern point of Twin Buttes. At mile #20 you cross Lane Meadow Creek and the road works its way through the cedar breaks at the base of Cedar Mountain and crosses the Henrys Fork River to McKinnon (W-414, mile #133). Here you can turn east to Manila, Utah, and then either take W-530 back to Green River, or you can travel further east to Minnies Gap on W-191 (see page 88).

Turn west on W-414 and the road follows along the Henrys Fork River and the base of Cedar Mountain to Lonetree at mile #122. (Nice drive.) Here U-290 turns southwest toward Table Mountain and the Wasatch National Forest.

After leaving Lonetree, you cross the Henrys Fork and pass by the Cedar Mountain Road (mile #120) going northeast back to S-1. Continue north and the road passes between Hickey Mountain on the west and Sage Creek Mountain on the east. This is a pretty area here, with the high mountains striking a strong contrast to the arid badlands.

As you continue toward Mountain View, the road travels along the Cottonwood Creek Bench and at mile #108 you come to a junction. Here you can take the Dry Creek Road east to S-1, or head north on the Cottonwood Bench Road to Lyman.

Continue on W-414 and you drop down to Poverty Flats. At mile #100 the road crosses the Smiths Fork River to a junction in Mountain View. Here you can turn north on W-414 and hit I-80 at exit #39 (five miles), or you can take W-410 to Robertson and then travel over to I-80 at Evanston on the Piedmont Road (see page 107).

Southwestern Wyoming is a good place to find reptiles. Shown here is a nasty little Plateau Lizard.