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Section 7: Trip One

Green River south to the State Line on W-530


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Beginning: 41.505259, -109.481076
     Ending: 40.998406, -109.676660

This trip begins by taking I-80 exit #91 into Green River and going south on W-530. After passing through town, the road climbs to the top of Green River Hill and a scenic overlook at mile #8. Here you have a good view to the east of Big Firehole Canyon, North and South Chimney Rock, and Flat Top Mountain. To the far south are the Uinta Mountains and to the southeast is Little Mountain.

At mile #9 is the Lost Dog Road going to the confluence of the Blacks Fork River with the Green River. A few miles further down W-530, you cross the Blacks Fork River (upstream from the confluence). Here you can see the sand covered Massacre Hill to the west.

At mile #20 you come to McKinnon Junction. Here you can turn southwest on S-1 to McKinnon (29 miles). Along this route you can take the Cedar Mountain Road or Dry Creek Road west to Lonetree or Mountain View. At McKinnon you can loop over to Manila, Utah and rejoin W-530. You can also continue west to Mountain View and Evanston (see page 104, page 105 and page 108).

Continuing south on W-530, you pass by several roads that turn east and access Flaming Gorge Reservoir. At mile #29, you can see the badlands called the Devils Playground to the west and behind them is Black Mountain. South of Black Mountain is Twin Buttes (two points on the same mountain). If you look back to the northeast you can still see South Chimney Rock and Flat Top Mountain.

Near mile #34, you pass by the dome shaped hills of Haystack Buttes and on the other side of the gorge to the east is Little Mountain. At mile #42 you begin to drop down through Linwood Canyon and, as you cross the Henrys Fork River, you have a fantastic view of the Uinta Mountains. At mile #45 you cross the state line, two miles north of Manila, Utah.

From Manila you can continue west on U-43 to McKinnon and then over to Mountain View on W-414. You can also take U-44 south through Sheep Canyon to U-191 (nice drive). There you can either go south to Vernal, Utah, or go north across Flaming Gorge Dam to Rock Springs (see page 88).

A Swainson's Hawk nest in the badlands of the Devils Playground.