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Section 6: Trip Three

Wyoming #430 from Rock Springs south to Colorado


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.576113, -109.201688
     Ending: 41.000182, -108.787615

This trip begins by turning off I-80 at exit #107 and going into Rock Springs. You then follow the W-430 signs around the east side of town and head southeast out of Rock Springs. At mile #6, S-27 turns south to the top of Aspen Mountain and a picnic area at Three Patches (11 miles). On this road you can also travel to South Baxter, Titsworth Gap, and Little Bitter Creek (see page 87). Just past this mile marker, you can see Wilkins Peak to the west and Aspen Mountain to the southwest. As you look across Baxter Basin to the east, you can see the top of Black Butte and Cooper Ridge.

At mile #15 you cross Salt Wells Creek and at mile #18 is a junction. Here S-26 goes east through Cutthroat Draw to the Patrick Draw Road and Bitter Creek Road (see page 98). Continuing on W-430, the road follows along Cooper Rim and Salt Wells Creek and you pass Camel Rock at mile #23. Three miles south of Camel Rock, S-30 turns west along Pretty Water Creek to South Baxter (see page 87).

The road swings past the end of Cooper Rim to another junction at mile #30. Here S-32 turns west to junctions at Tommy James Basin and Titsworth Gap. There you can go north to Aspen Mountain and Rock Springs, or west to W-191 at Minnies Gap (see page 99).

As you continue south on W-430, you get a nice view of Sand Butte and Pine Butte off to the east. At mile #36, S-24 turns east to either the Patrick Draw Road, the Sand Butte Road, or the loop road back through Cutthroat Draw to W-430 (see page 101).

At mile #44 is the base of Rifes Rim where BLM-4405 turns west to Potter Mountain (12 miles) and Red Creek Basin (17 miles). A bit further south at mile #45, BLM-4413 turns southwest to Vermilion Creek (4 miles) and Pine Mountain (12 miles).

After climbing to the top of Rifes Rim, you can see Kinney Rim (S-19) to the east, Aspen Mountain to the north, and Pine Mountain to the west. Potter Mountain is a bit north of Pine Mountain and is barely a rise on the horizon from here. The two mountains south of Pine Mountain are Middle Mountain and Diamond Mountain (both in Colorado).

At mile #47 you can take the Kinney Rim Road east to Carson Springs and then hit the Bitter Creek Road. From there you can either go north to Bitter Creek and I-80, or you can travel south and hit the Powder Rim Road, running from Baggs to Hiawatha (see page 98 and page 100).

As you continue south on W-430, you pass by BLM-4414 going west to 4-J Basin and Pine Mountain. At mile #52, S-25 turns southeast to Hiawatha, Colorado, and the Powder Rim Road.

At mile #55, W-430 ends at the Wyoming-Colorado state line. Here you can continue south on Moffat County #10 and travel through Irish Canyon to C-318 near Browns Park. There you can turn west for a bit and take the Clay Basin Road to W-191 near Minnies Gap (see page 91).

Even a little view of Cooper Rim and the Salt Wells Creek drainage makes me want to drag out the old tin billy and brew some cowboy coffee.