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Section 6: Trip Two

Wyoming #191 south from Rock Springs to the Utah State Line


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Beginning: 41.555318, -109.308942
     Ending: 40.999668, -109.430888

This trip begins by turning off I-80 at exit #99 and going south from mile #500 on W-191. At mile #504 the Little Firehole Road (S-9) turns southwest. This road travels through the Little and Middle Firehole Canyons and then joins the Big Firehole Road (S-33). There you can either loop back to W-191, or continue south on Flaming Gorge Drive to W-191 at Minnies Gap (see page 90). At this mile marker, you can see Wilkins Peak to the west and to the east is Aspen Mountain.

From mile #510 to the scenic turnout at mile #511, you can look back to the north and see the top of Pilot Butte above White Mountain. Off in the distance north are the Wind River Mountains. In the foreground below the Wind Rivers, you can just make out the black figure of the Boars Tusk against the Killpecker Sand Dunes. To the west is Flat Top Mountain and the three drainages of the Firehole Canyons. To the south is Little Mountain and southwest are the towering Uinta Mountains.

After passing by the Big Firehole Road at mile #513 (S-33 going west to Flaming Gorge, see page 90), you come to a junction with the Little Bitter Creek Road at mile #517. Here you can turn northeast on S-29 and drop down the hill to the creek below. On this route you can loop back to Rock Springs, or cut to the east through Barney Canyon and travel over to W-430 (see page 89).

At mile #520 the Lower Sage Creek Road (S-36) heads west. On this route you can either join Flaming Gorge Drive (S-33), or take the Upper Sage Creek Road (S-34) and loop back to W-191 at Little Mountain.

After climbing over the top of Miller Mountain, you drop down to mile #531 and the Salt Wells Creek Road (S-34). This route will take you through McCort Canyon to Titsworth Gap. There you can go south to Red Creek Basin, north to Baxter and Aspen Mountain, or continue east over to W-430 (see page 99).

As you continue south past the Upper Sage Creek Road (S-34) at mile #532, the road climbs to a summit on Little Mountain. Here a small road turns off to the side where you can park and get a fantastic overview of the Red Creek Basin. Richards Gap is due south, with the Richards Mountains on the west side and the Tepee Mountains on the east side. Across the badlands to the east is Pine Mountain.

At mile #541 the Clay Basin Road (S-62) turns south through Richards Gap. On this road you can travel southwest to Minnies Gap, or you can head southeast to Browns Park and over to W-430 (see page 91).

After winding down to the base of the mountain, you come to a junction with Flaming Gorge Drive at mile #551. Here S-33 travels northwest along the gorge and back to Rock Springs (see page 90). About 200 yards south of this junction, you can also turn east on S-70 to the Clay Basin Road and the Irish Canyon Road to W-430 (see page 91).

Continuing south, you pass through Minnies Gap and cross the state line at mile #552. Here you can continue south into Utah and cross the Green River at Flaming Gorge Dam. There you can take U-191 to either Vernal, Utah (about 60 miles), or take U-44 through the fantastic Sheep Canyon to Manila, Utah (about 40 miles). From Manila, you can either head west to Mckinnon and Evanston, or you can follow W-530 along the west side of the gorge to I-80 at Green River (see page 103).

Tepee Mountains and the Red Creek Badlands (once a proposed wilderness area).