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Section 6: Trip Twelve

The Sand Butte Road from W-430 to the Bitter Creek Road


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Beginning: 41.259487, -108.834386
     Ending: 41.362203, -108.505106

This trip begins by turning off W-430 at mile #35 (see page 89 for a trip description to this point). The road (S-24) travels east through Scheggs Draw and then swings northeast around part of the northern extension of Rifes Rim. Eight miles from the highway, the road climbs up a bit to a junction. Here you can continue north on the Patrick Draw Road toward the Brady Unit to another junction (five miles). There you can either travel through Patrick Draw on S-24 to Bitter Creek and I-80, or you can loop back to W-430 at mile #18 through Cutthroat Draw on S-26.

Turn east on BLM-4408 toward Sand Butte and the Bitter Creek Road. The road climbs up along Dripping Rock Draw, past the base of Sand Butte, where it then swings over toward Pine Butte. Along here you can see Black Butte to the north. There are a few 2-track roads along this route, but stay on the main road with the reflector poles.

The road travels between the two buttes and swings around the edge of Pine Butte Basin. The road then makes a steep climb to the lip of a small saddle (eight miles from the Patrick Draw Road). Here you can see Aspen Mountain and Pilot Butte to the northwest and to the northeast is Table Rock. Southeast is Powder Mountain and to the east is Flat Top and the Haystacks.

From the saddle, the road turns south along the back side of Pine Butte and continues to climb up to a small junction. Here a spur road turns off to the radio tower on Pine Butte and a great view. There you can also see the Wind River Mountains, Steamboat Mountain, South Table Mountain, and Black Butte to the north. To the south is Pine Mountain and Chicken Springs Basin below Kinney Rim. Southwest is Little Mountain and the Uinta Mountains.

Turn east and the road drops down the other side above Pine Creek Wash and joins the Bitter Creek Road after about 10 miles. (The middle section of this 10 mile stretch cuts across some rocky areas that can make for some slow travel unless you have a high clearance vehicle.) At the Bitter Creek Road (S-19) junction you can go south to the Powder Rim Road or north to Bitter Creek and I-80 (see page 98).

NOTE: For those people wishing to go from the Bitter Creek Road, west past Sand Butte and on over to W-430, go south from the railroad tracks at Bitter Creek on S-19 for ten miles to the junction with the LaClede Road. There you continue south on S-19 for eight more miles to the junction with BLM-4408. There you turn west following the reflector pole markers toward Pine Butte and Sand Butte.

Part of Dripping Rock Draw between Pine Butte and Sand Butte.