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Section 6: Trip Eleven

TThe Kinney Rim Road from W-430 to the Bitter Creek Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.111507, -108.802113
     Ending: 41.269443, -108.480878

This trip begins by turning off W-430 at mile #47 (see page 89 for a trip description to this point). After traveling east on S-19 toward Kinney Rim for six miles, you come to a junction. Here you can turn southeast to Alkali Creek (four miles) and then follow along the base of the rim to the Powder Rim Road (see page 94).

Continue east on S-19 toward Kinney Rim and Carson Springs (10 miles). After two miles you come to a small junction. Here a road turns northwest and drops over into Chicken Springs Basin.

Continue northeast and you can see where the road climbs over the rim. After crossing Alkali Creek, you begin the steep climb up. Depending on recent weather, the road here can have some pretty deep ruts in it and a 4WD may be needed.

At the top of the rim (15 miles from W-430) you can see Pine Mountain to the west, and as you look across Crow Creek Reservoir to the southeast, you can see Powder Mountain. To the east is the top edge of Adobe Town Rim and Skull Creek Rim, and to the northeast are the Haystacks.

The road then drops down the other side for a couple of miles to Carson Springs. Depending on the amount of water at this little oasis, you can often see a variety of waterfowl and shore birds. There are also bands of wild horses in the area.

Six miles northeast of Carson Springs, you hit the Bitter Creek Road. Here you can travel south to the Powder Rim Road and Powder Wash, Colorado. Also here, you can take the road (S-19) north to Bitter Creek and I-80 (see page 94 and page 98).

After slipping and sliding over Kinney Rim in a spring rainstorm, Black Irene calms her engine with a nitro-tab under the hood.