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Section 6: Trip Ten

The Salt Wells Creek Road from W-191 east to W-430


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Beginning: 41.153100, -109.173131
     Ending: 41.175705, -108.831033

This trip begins by turning east off W-191 at mile #531 (see page 88 for a trip description of W-191 to this point). Here the Salt Wells Road (S-34) travels along the base of Miller Mountain for two miles to a small junction. If you continue east on S-34 to Pine Mountain and Red Creek Basin, the road can get pretty bad at Buffalo Springs.

Turn northeast on S-71 and continue along the base of Miller Mountain. As the road gradually swings back to the east, you can see Potter Mountain to the far east.

About four miles from the first junction, you pass by Bean Springs and the road turns north toward Titsworth Gap. This section of the road through McCort Canyon is one of the prettiest areas around and well worth the trip. There are willows and huge sagebrush along Bean Spring Creek and the steep canyon walls are dotted with juniper trees and patches of aspen. At the gap is a junction with S-27. Here you can follow Gap Creek south to Buffalo Springs and then join S-34 going to Pine Mountain and Red Creek Basin.

Turn north on S-27 for three miles and you come to another junction in the Tommy James Basin. Here you can continue north on S-27 to Baxter and Aspen Mountain (see page 87). At this junction, you can see Aspen Mountain to the north and Miller Mountain to the west. Along to the southeast is Laney Rim and to the east is the top of Pine Butte and Sand Butte.

Turn east on S-32 and the road follows along Gap Creek for about five miles where it crosses Dan's Creek above the confluence with Gap Creek. The road then swings along the base of a ridge to a small junction. Here the Salt Wells Creek Road turns south into Laney Canyon.

Continue northeast on S-32 and you begin following Salt Wells Creek through a shallow canyon. Along here you can see where Dry Canyon comes in from the south. Four miles further you join W-430 at mile #30. Here you can turn north to Rock Springs or south to the Colorado state line (see page 99).

Just north of Titsworth Gap and looking east along Gap Creek and Laney Rim.