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Section 6: Trip One

The Little Bitter Creek Road from Rock Springs to Aspen Mountain, South Baxter and W-430


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Beginning: 41.558100, -109.277950
     Ending: 41.348613, -108.953274

This trip begins by turning off I-80 at exit #99 and going south on W-191. Just after crossing the railroad tracks and Bitter Creek, turn east back toward Rock Springs on S-51. After about two miles is a junction. Here you can continue east to Rock Springs.

Turn south on the Little Bitter Creek Road (S-29) and the road follows along the creek through a small, boulder lined canyon. (Nice drive.) After four miles, you cross the creek and pass by a 4WD road turning east up Rock Canyon. Along here you can see Wilkins Peak to the west.

Continue south for five miles to a junction. Here you can continue south on S-29. That route travels past Antelope Butte (on the east) after three miles and then Earnest Butte (two more miles). S-29 then goes by a 4WD road turning east to Dry Canyon and crosses the creek again. From that point, S-29 climbs a hill to the southwest and rejoins W-191 at mile #517.

Turn east on S-31 and the road passes through Barney Canyon for a couple of miles. The road then swings northeast and climbs up the base of Aspen Mountain to a junction. Here you can turn north on S-27 for about six miles and hit W-430 at mile #6 south of Rock Springs.

Turn south on the Aspen Mountain Road (S-27) and you go past a tower road and come to a small lookout. Here you can see the Wind River Mountains to the north and below them is the Boars Tusk and Killpecker Sand Dunes. To the northwest is White Mountain and rising above it is Pilot Butte. To the far southwest are the Uinta Mountains and before them is Mass Mountain, the Devils Playground, Black Mountain, Twin Buttes, and Cedar Mountain. Little Mountain is to the south and to the southeast is Pine Mountain above Titsworth Gap. (Nice view.)

Continue south on S-27 for two miles to a road going to Three Patches. (This is a great place to picnic.) Here you can now see Sand Butte and Pine Butte to the east. The road drops down the mountain for three miles and you come to another junction. Here you can continue south on S-27 to Tommy James Basin and the Titsworth Gap area (see page 99).

Turn east on S-30 and after passing South Baxter (one mile) the road follows along Circle Creek for four miles. The road then crosses the creek, climbs over a small divide to a junction on Pretty Water Creek. Here S-73 turns west back to S-27. Stay east along Pretty Water Creek for five miles where you cross Salt Wells Creek and hit W-430 at mile #26. Here you can travel north to Rock Springs or south to the state line (see page 89).

Besides the Prairie Rattlesnake, the Midget Faded Rattlesnake is Wyoming's only other venomous reptile. It is found only in a small area of southwestern Sweetwater County.