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Section 5: Trip Seven

The Blue Rim Road from Green River to W-28 west of Farson


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Beginning: 41.555926, -109.513880
     Ending: 41.947206, -109.687906

This trip begins by turning off on to W-374 on the west side of Green River (I-80, exit #89). The road travels past the base of Tollgate Rock and follows along the Green River below Palisades Cliff. After three miles (mile #88), you turn northwest on the Blue Rim Road (S-5) and go under I-80. Here the road climbs up past Greasewood Gulch (running northeast toward Pilot Butte) and then drops down along the river. A few miles further, you cross Alkali Creek and the road climbs up to a junction 11 miles from Green River. Here S-7 drops down along the river for a few miles to a junction with S-6. That road then crosses the river and hits W-372 at mile #12.

Stay north along the top and after nine miles you come to another junction (20 miles from Green River). Here you can turn east on S-14 to the White Mountain Road and US-191 (see page 84).

Continue north toward the Wind River Mountains and you have a great view of the Blue Rim and the basin to the west. After three miles, you pass by S-4 going west to W-372. (Note: The bridge across the Green River is closed on this road and has been for quite some time. However, S-4 does connect with S-7 which follows along the river to a junction with S-6. That does cross the river and hits W-372 at mile #13.)

Stay along the rim for the next five miles and the road drops down through part of the Badland Hills and across the flats to a junction on the Big Sandy River (16 miles from S-4). Here you take S-8 west to W-28 at mile #110. (You can also take S-8 northeast to W-28 but it's a couple of miles longer that way.)

Looking over the edge of the Blue Rim and along the Green River drainage.