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Section 5: Trip One

Jeffery City south to Wamsutter on the Crooks Gap Road


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Beginning: 42.493990, -107.825747
     Ending: 41.678670, -107.979396

This trip begins by turning off US-287 at mile #23 in Jeffery City. As you head south on the Crooks Gap Road (F-318), you can see the gap between Crooks Peak and Crooks Mountain on the west side and Sheep Mountain and the Green Mountains on the east side. To the northeast are the Granite Mountains and off to the distant east are the Ferris Mountains.

After crossing Crooks Creek there are several roads turning east, but continue south toward the gap. About eight miles from Jeffery City is a junction. Here the road south goes to a mine site.

Take the sharp turn west across the creek and then south again. Just after passing through the gap, a small road takes off toward Crooks Mountain, but continue south into the Great Divide Basin and wild horse country. About five miles south of the gap is a junction with the Three Fork Road (BLM-2317) going west to Atlantic City and W-28 (see page 78). Here you can see Bare Ring Butte to the east.

Continue south and you cross the county line after four miles and begin traveling on S-23. Here you can see Bare Ring Butte to the east. After three miles you come to another junction. Here you can see the Wind River Mountains to the northwest, Continental Peak and Oregon Buttes to the west, and Steamboat and South Table Mountain to the southwest. At this junction you can turn east on S-22 to another junction in 10 miles. There you can continue east to Bairoil and W-287, or you can go south on the Sooner Road and hit the Dunes Road (see page 78).

Continue south toward Wamsutter to the next junction in three miles. Here the Osborne Road (BLM-3212) turns west to Rocky Crossing, Picket Lake or Hay Lake and connects with the Luman Ranch Road and the Atlantic City Road. From this point you can see the Ferris Mountains and the Seminoe Mountains to the northeast a bit.

Continue south for ten miles where you pass by the Hadsell Road (BLM-3217) going west and then northwest to join the Osborne Road. Two miles further is a junction with the Dunes Road (S-63) going east to W-287 north of Rawlins (see page 80).

Stay south on S-23 for three miles and the road goes by Circle Bar Lake to the near east and the Chain Lakes to the far east. A few miles further south, you pass by the Government Reservoir Road (BLM-3237) and a bit further you pass by Coal Butte off to the east.

Five miles from Coal Butte is a junction on the Siberia Ridge. Here you can turn west on the Luman Road (S-20) to the Killpecker Sand Dunes north of Rock Springs (see page 80).

Continue south on S-23 for 14 miles to Wamsutter. Along this stretch of the road, you can see Delaney Rim to the south and Table Rock off to the southwest. The road goes under I-80 (exit #173) and you enter the east side of Wamsutter on McCormick Street, just north of the Post Office on Broadway.

An old windmill near Coal Butte in the Chain Lake Flats area.