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Section 4: Trip Eight

The Miracle Mile cutoff to W-77


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.208077, -106.876612
     Ending: 42.254567, -106.429714


This short trip begins at the Miracle Mile on North Platte River. You head east away from the river and the Seminoe Mountains on C-351 for four miles to a junction at Leo. Here you can take C-291 north to W-220 (mile #87) at Alcova (see page 70). Take C-291 south for one mile to the next junction. Here you can continue south on C-291 to US-30 at either Hanna or Medicine Bow.

Turn east on C-102 and the road passes through a small cut in the hill. You then follow along a ridge on the north side of the Shirley Mountains for about four miles to South Fork Sage Creek. Along here you can see the Pedro Mountains to the north, the Granite Mountains to the far northwest, the Ferris Mountains to the west and the Seminoe Mountains to the southwest. The road then climbs over the other side and begins following the Middle Fork Sage Creek. Here Fourmile Ridge is off to the north.

Six miles further east, the road crosses Cave Creek and you can see Fourmile Point to the north and Chalk Mountain to the northeast. After one more mile, you come to a small junction. Here you can take the Shirley Mountain Loop Road (BLM-3115) to the Pryor Flat Recreation Area and then rejoin this road further to the east. Just past the loop road is a small junction where C-103 turns north to the Bolton Creek roads.

Continuing east, you lose sight of the Ferris and Pedro Mountains to the west and you begin traveling across Shirley Basin toward Laramie Peak in the Laramie Mountains. After passing the other end of the loop road (seven miles), you hit W-77 at mile #132, between Casper and Medicine Bow. From here you can see the Freezeout Mountains to the south.

Performing a simple operation like this required only a few instruments and a local anesthetic for Black Irene. See page 135 for a more complicated surgical procedure.