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Section 4: Trip Six

The Stock Trail Road from Bates Hole to Government Bridge


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 42.539292, -106.454382
     Ending: 42.641046, -106.616578

This trip begins by turning off W-487 at mile #56. As you head west on the Bates Hole Stock Trail (N-403), you can see the white topped Twin Buttes to the east. After crossing Stinking Creek, the road climbs up a bit and you can see Bear Mountain, Horse Peak, and Chalk Mountain to the south. The road then turns north toward Casper Mountain and Bessemer Mountain and passes Haystack Butte.

After passing the butte, the road turns back to the west (toward Clarkson Hill, the white bluff off in the distance) and drops down along a ridge and into a basin. Four miles further, you cross Bolton Creek to a junction. Here you can turn south on N-404 for one mile to another junction. There you can take the Spindle Top Road (N-405) along Bear Creek, or continue south toward Bear Mountain on the Bolton Creek Road. (These roads join each other near Bear Mountain.)

Turn northwest on the Bolton Creek Road (N-404) and the road travels between Bolton Creek on the north and Bear Creek on the south. After about three miles you cross Bolton Creek again and hit W-220 at mile #95, just north of Government Bridge. Here you can see the Pedro Mountains to the south and Bessemer Mountain to the north.

Smeagle and Black Irene try to dissipate solar radiation at the Bolton Creek bridge.