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Section 4: Trip Ten

The Ryan Hill Road from Casper southwest to W-220


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Beginning: 42.850320, -106.418273
     Ending: 42.566741, -106.990597


This trip begins by going west on the Poison Spider Road (N-201) on the west side of Casper. You can access this road by turning off W-220 at mile #111 and taking the Robertson Road (N-305) north for two miles. You can also turn off US-20 at mile #6.5 and take the Zero Road (N-202) southwest for one mile. You then turn south on the Robertson Road for one mile to the Poison Spider Road.

As you travel west on the Poison Spider Road, you pass by N-204 and N-205 going north to the Zero Road. Two miles further west, the pavement ends at a small junction. Here N-206 also goes north to the Zero Road and US-20 (mile #13).

Continue west on N-201 and the road passes by an interpretive site at Emigrant Gap (two miles). About two miles further is another junction. Here you can take N-306 south and join N-308 going to Bessemer Bend and W-220 (mile #105). Also at the junction, you can take the Zero Road (N-202) northeast to Casper. (Ok, you could have just taken the Zero Road from west Casper to this point but then you would have missed out on about three miles of dirt.)

Turn west on the pavement past the Poison Spider School and after two miles you come to the next junction. Here the Poison Spider Road continues west. On this road you can hit the Dry Creek Road, the Castle Garden/Ore Road and W-135 (see page 66 and page 68). At this junction you can see the western end of Casper Mountain and Coal Mountain to the southeast. To the south is Bessemer Mountain and the peaks on the horizon to the southwest are the Pedro Mountains.

Turn south on the Ryan Hill Road (N-319). After one mile you pass by N-308 going southeast to the Bessemer Bend and W-220. Continue on N-319 and the road swings southwest along the base of Oil Mountain. Four miles further, you come to another junction. Here N-316 goes southeast toward Bessemer Mountain. At this junction you can see Muddy Mountain to the south of Casper Mountain.

Continue southwest on N-319 and after three miles you cross Poison Springs Creek. Here you can see Clarkson Hill off to the south. After crossing Willow Creek (seven more miles), the road climbs to the top of Ryan Hill and a BLM "Prospect Hill" Interpretive Site. Up here you can see the Rattlesnake Hills to the west, the Ferris and Granite Mountains to the southwest and the Pedro Mountains to the south.

Three miles from the interpretive site, you cross Fish Creek. The road follows Fish Creek past McCleary Reservoir and then crosses Shell Creek. You continue to follow Fish Creek for another five miles and cross it just above the confluence with Horse Creek. After following Horse Creek for three miles, you hit W-220 at mile #73, between Alcova and Muddy Gap Junction. Here you can see the Granite Mountains to the west, the Ferris Mountains to the southwest, the Seminoe Mountains to the south and the Pedro Mountains to the southeast.

A student at Casper College, Sharon spends a beautiful afternoon combining artistic expression with a rustic setting.