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Section 4: Trip One

The Buzzard Road from Lamont northeast to US-220


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Beginning: 42.162140, -107.435393
     Ending: 42.527478, -107.113039

This trip begins by turning off US-287 at mile #29 south of Lamont. As you head east on C-100 toward Bradley Peak in the Seminoe Mountains, you can see Bull Springs Rim to the west, Separation Flats to the south, Green Mountain to the northwest, and the Ferris Mountains to the northeast. After traveling past several OFR's, is a junction six miles from the highway.

Here the road takes a little jog southeast under the power lines and then east again for one mile to a small spring. Stay to the east on the main road and you begin traveling through some vegetated sand dunes. Seven miles further is Ferris, where C-100 ends and the main road (C-497) takes a jog to the south and then continues southwest back to US-287. Here you can see the Haystacks to the south and the Seminoe Mountains to the east. To the northeast is the top of Bear Mountain and to the north are the Ferris Mountains. (This area is just plain pretty. Well, that is if you can get your mind past the oilfield junk that has been left in the area.)

In Ferris, take C-497 east toward Bradley Peak. (Note: This area of the dunes to the mouth of the canyon below requires a 4WD vehicle. The road/trail passing through the dunes will test your driving skills and your judgment.) Leaving Ferris, you head northeast toward the gap between Bear Mountain and Ferris Mountain. The road passes by some small lakes and sand dunes for the next five miles and enters a beautiful little canyon. Here you follow Sand Creek for about three miles to the mouth of the canyon.

After leaving the canyon you have a great view of the Pedro Mountains. The road heads northeast along the side of a hill and then drops down to a ranch (two miles). Just past the ranch you go up a steep hill where the road turns west and then north again.

As the road travels north along the Arkansas Creek drainage, you can see Bear Mountain to the southeast and the Ferris Mountains to the southwest. On the west side of the road is the Arkansas Flats and on the east side is Arkansas Basin and Castle Basin (below the Pedro Mountains).

About 13 miles from the ranch, the road crosses Arkansas Creek. Here you can see the Shirley Mountains to the far southeast. Behind the Pedro Mountains to the east, is the Laramie Range. The road then passes by the eastern edge of Sentinel Rocks and crosses the Sweetwater River (five miles from Arkansas Creek).

After crossing the river, you head northwest and hit US-220 at mile #65, between Alcova and Muddy Gap Junction. (The county road on this end is N-410.) From here you can see Independence Rock and Devils Gate to the southwest (below the Ferris Mountains). To the northwest are the Granite Mountains and to the east is Steamboat Rock.

With the sand dunes and Ferris Mountains as a backdrop, the ghost town of Ferris is like a setting from an old western movie.