Section 3: Trip Seven

Saratoga west to Dad on the Twin Grove - Cow Creek Butte Road


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.454262, -106.825930
     Ending: 41.325991, -107.758653
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This trip begins by turning west off First Street in Saratoga and taking Bridge Street out of town. As you travel along on C-500, you can see Sheep Rock above the North Platte River to the north and to the northeast is Sheephead Mountain (below Elk Mountain). South of Elk Mountain is Coad Mountain, Pennock Mountain, and Kennaday Peak. To the east are the Snowy Range Mountains. (Nice view.)

The road follows along above Jack Creek to a junction (12 miles). Here you can take C-640 southeast, past Buck and Haines Reservoir, and then loop back to Saratoga. Continue west, across Jack Creek, for five more miles to the next junction. Here NF-452 goes south to the Jack Creek Campground.

Stay on C-500 and you cross Snow Draw, Willow Creek, and Spring Creek. After crossing Spring Creek, the road climbs up to Twin Grove. The road travels along the top for a bit and then drops down to a junction on Fish Creek. Here you can go south to Savery or to Dixon (see page 48).

Turn north and the road follows Fish Creek up to the next junction (three miles). Here you can continue north to Rawlins. Turn west on C-503 and the road goes down a hill (passing by a road going north toward Adams Reservoir) into Sage Basin and across South Fork Sage Creek. After about three miles, the road climbs back up to a junction on Miller Hill. Here C-503 turns south through McCarty Canyon and on over to Dixon (see page 50).

Turn west up the hill on the Miller Hill Road (BLM-3328). The road swings northwest along the top and past Sage Basin (on the north) and the Little Savery Creek drainage (on the south). Along here you get glimpses of Bakers Peak, Battle Mountain, and Columbus Peak to the south. You travel north for a bit and drop down to a junction where the Miller Road continues north.

Take the Muddy Creek Road (BLM-3306) to the northwest. After two miles, the road drops down a bit and turns southwest away from the Littlefield Creek drainage. The road then loops southeast and back to the northwest to a junction at Muddy Creek. Here the Muddy Creek Road continues northwest and cuts over to Bridger Pass and W-71 (see page 50).

Turn west across Muddy Creek on the Cow Butte Road (BLM-3308). After crossing the creek, the road climbs up through Canary Grove Draw to a small junction. Here the Rendle Road (BLM-3312) goes south toward Rendle Buttes.

Stay on the Cow Butte Road, west and then south, toward Cow Creek Butte. As the road goes out on a finger between Deep Gulch on the east and Garden Gulch on the west, you can see Battle Mountain to the southeast. The road swings almost all the way around the butte and then heads southwest. There are a couple of small side roads in this area, so stay on the main road heading southwest toward Flat Top Mountain. About eight miles from Cow Creek Butte, you cross Cow Creek, and two miles further you cross a small creek to a junction. Here the Willow Road (BLM-3305) turns northeast toward the Sand Hills area.

Stay west across Dry Cow Creek and to another junction. Here you can take the Horse Butte Road (BLM-3309) south to the roads on Browns Hill, or you can travel past Horse Butte to W-789 (mile #43).

Turn northwest for three miles and the road swings back to the southwest. (Here an unmarked road goes northeast to a well, so people traveling from W-789 to Saratoga need to turn southeast at this possible wrong turn.) You then travel southwest for about three miles to W-789 (mile #28) at Dad.