Section 3: Trip Six

The Sierra Madre Road from Riverside west to Savery


Open Google Map at GPS Coordinates:

Beginning: 41.204954, -106.799344
     Ending: 41.025101, -107.449375
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This trip begins by taking W-70 west from Riverside and Encampment. As you climb up the foothills, you can see Blackhall Mountain to the southeast and to the east above Bennet Peak is Medicine Bow Peak. To the northeast is Kennaday Mountain, Pennock Mountain, and Elk Mountain, and to the west is Vulcan Mountain. At mile #51 the pavement ends and you come to a junction. Here you can take NF-550 south on the Hog Park Road (see page 54).

Continue west past the Bottle Creek Campground and into the forest. The trees in this area are aspen and lodgepole pine. At the Beaver Creek crossing, you can see Green Mountain to the south. The trees along the road here are limber pine and a bit further you begin seeing fir trees.

Three miles from Beaver Creek, the road crosses South Fork Cow Creek and you can see Vulcan Mountain ("Captain, tricorder readings indicate . . .") above the Cow Creek drainage to the north. After two more miles, you cross over the divide at Battle Pass. Here a trail goes into the Houston Park Wilderness area. At this point, you can see the Battle Creek drainage to the west, Red Mountain is nearby to the southwest, and to the northwest is Bridger Peak.

As the road drops down below Bridger Peak at the Edison Monument, you can see Battle Lake below Red Mountain. The road heads toward Quartzite Peak and you begin passing spruce trees. To the far southwest you can see Battle Mountain. (This is a more than adequate area.)

You then go by the Haskins Creek Campground and the Lost Creek Campground. The road follows along the creek for two miles to a great overlook of the Lost Creek/Haggerty Creek confluence.

The road then crosses Haggerty Creek and you pass through a terrific stand of aspen trees. Three miles from Haggerty Creek, you come to a junction. Here you can take the Deep Creek Road (NF-801) through Aspen Alley and north to Rawlins or Saratoga (see page 48).

Continue west past the Battle Creek Campground Road and you hit pavement. Here the aspen forest becomes mixed with spruce and pine. Two miles from the Deep Creek Road, you come to a scenic overlook (simply stated). To the south is Columbus Peak (large and domed), southwest is Battle Mountain, and to the far southeast is Hahns Peak.

From this overlook, you continue west through the mixed forest for about four miles and then southwest past the Savery Stock Driveway. A bit further is W-70 at mile #26.

As the road heads toward Battle Mountain, you can see Squaw Mountain between Columbus Mountain and Battle Mountain, and in the foreground east of Squaw Mountain is Flattop. Further to the southeast is the broad topped Saddle Mountain and behind it to the east is Hahns Peak. Below Saddle Mountain is the rock capped Sheep Mountain and to the east of it is Three Forks Mountain.

At mile #20 you pass between Battle Mountain and Horse Mountain, and one mile further you pass by C-710 going south to Steamboat (62 miles). The road then travels below Sugarloaf and you begin following the Little Snake River at Slater (mile #17). After crossing Savery Creek, you enter Savery, 11 miles east of Baggs.